Friday, March 13, 2009

upon arrival

I feel so ashamed
I think I need so much
my back breaks
with all my belongings
postmodern. materialist.
secular. world.
i could not leave my room
for 1 and a half days.
i sat in and ordered
room service
i tried to gather
once i ventured
to the rooftop terrace
to watch pink and purple paint
plastered on pretty faces.
holi. holi. holi. holi.
a gentleman brought me to the
train. platform. car. seat.
i feel caged
and confined

mother teresa came to kolkata
and she stopped and stayed upon baring witness of the suffering
she settled in and soothed
the sick, she shed sun light on souls

this is not for the faint of heart

(nor digestive system)

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