Wednesday, April 15, 2009

uncensored scribbles

on how her heart behaves

crowded trains of raging thoughts rush like rivers. feelings flood my furiously tempered heart as monsoons do the streets. i anxiously await the onset of the rainy season. emotional storms that take an entire city captive. fluctuating tides that on every sun rise and moon set carry my heart out to sea, never to return finding her laying listlessly as a battered woman by pearly green bubbles. left for me to recover daydreaming of the depths she has discovered. i know what her soul has uncovered. i do not choose to control the canvas. her path stormy and surreal, sleeping at wish of free will. awake, alive, vibrant, beating with a ferocious energy. i do not seek to tame or know her ways. i will follow her intuitions into the deepest mosquito ridden steamy estuaries. i follow through the darkest oblivion and when my mind has convinced my body that escape is an unthinkable position... the unencumbered whole of my being is surrendered to the point of dissolution and dissolvement. I accept the loss of every soul I have every loved or grieved or conceived. I find her guidance has given me greater gifts than God gave Sodom and Gomorrah, Gabriel or Genesis; a clean and fiery slate, a message of his coming, a new beginning of worldly creation.

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