Monday, May 4, 2009


Whether it be sitting atop of Shanti Guest House watching water bison swim through the Holy Ganga, drinking chai on the burning ghats gazing at ashes fly into nirvana, purchasing 'charas' or hash from the government shops located inside temples, memorized by nightly pujas and candles floating into this spiritual river... This entire place also known as "Benares" is high. I was struck by an energy whether it be opiate or auspicious I am still unsure. Few places are as charismatic, colorful and spiritual. It is here that Hindu's reach 'moksha' or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It is here I watched this circle unfolding beneath my eyes revolving around the Ganga- the people bathe, drink, wash, defecate, birth and die in this river.
From ashes we come to ashes we will return.

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  1. Drinking Tchai on the burning Ghats...made with water from the ganga ;-)